It’s all my fault in some way or another.

It all started in New Mexico. More┬áspecifically, in Las Cruces Anime Days, a small convention in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I went because I had nothing better to do, and needed pictures of trash bins to compare with the other pictures of trash bins I’ve taken in Mexican cons. The biggest surprise was the schedule: A Touhou Project Panel? A brief introduction? Let’s see what they had to say…

Mmmmmh. Nothing.

Seriously, for an introduction, it lacked… Impact.

It lacked emotion.

It lacked PASSION.

That’s when I thought, “Maybe I could do better”.

And then, “I have to do better”.

I had to find a convention that had the appropriate equipment and space to make this. I needed a projector, and enough space for 30-40 people (Optimistic!).

“Jutsu-me” had the right stuff, so I contacted the staff, who turns out to be also the staff of Neoevolution, a local TV Show about Anime, Videogames and Japanese Music. They wanted to make a panel! And they even agreed to include a brief segment about Touhou Project in their program, as long as I provided them with footage.

So I did, and Touhou Project appeared on TV.

But much earlier than that, a couple of years ago, Jano, a friend of mine was talking about Ikaruga. I said to him, “If you like shooting games, maybe you’ll like these…”

It’s my fault, really: I made a Touhou fan out of him.

Last year at Anime Expo he bought a Touhou Nendoroid. Those are EXPENSIVE. No regrets, bro!

Then he started going out with a girl. A Cosplayer, to boot! And he made a Touhou Fan out of her.

Then she decided that, for this convention, there needed to be a Touhou group Cosplay.

As you can see, it’s all my fault in some way or another.

So I made my presentation, and in the end they moved it to a really small room, a room that ended up being packed with Touhou cosplayers, and a line of people who just couldn’t get in because there was no more space.

I’ll make this presentation again, I assure you.

Bigger, badder, faster, better.

But in the end, there was close to 15 people in there, in Cosplay, watching me trying to define what is Touhou Project as both a series of games and a cultural phenomenon.

I consider it was “sufficient”. Not as much as I expected it, but still, a good start.

Then I had some things to attend to, so I couldn’t go with them for the photo session.

I got out of the room by the time the convention was nearing its end, and the place was packed.

And by packed, I mean, “The number of Touhou Cosplayers had DOUBLED”.

Turns out they couldn’t arrive on time for the Panel.

It doesn’t matter, really!

In the end, all these boys and girls were cosplaying as Touhou characters in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, just a couple of years after I had declared that there was something wrong with this place because there weren’t enough people cosplaying Touhou.

Thanks a lot, boys and girls, for making a mad man’s dreams come true by proving him wrong.

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