Brief Thoughts (II)


Currently sitting at the lab, reading about linear programming and trying to connect it with this half-baked constraint solver I have to re-bake into something useful (And potentially awesome).

I got my Google+ now.

It’s… different.

It’s like Facebook, minus all the things that make it Facebook.

In other words: Much better. Thank you, Google! Lots of love.

I want to do a drawing Livestream, with an Open Mic and everything. To that effect, if you wish to follow, check my Twitter account. Or if you know me on Facebook or Google+, I will announce it there as well.

Let’s have a jolly good time, folks.

Did some changes around the site.

Mostly Social Networking Stuffs.

It’s been considerably easier than I thought it’d be.

Which means I still have my legs intact, but my pinky hurts.

Currently experiencing some technical difficulties, of the “No Internet at Home” kind.

This is particularly annoying, to tell the truth.

So far, my hypothesis is this: The rain fucked it up, with its wetness and humidity.

It’s been so hot and desertly dry, it’s not even funny.

Yes, I know desertly is not a real word.

I just made it up, like a boss.