(Not necessarily) Weekly Video Throwdown 2

Hi hi hi hi hi!

We are back with some videos before starting the next experiment (Which I started running at Facebook but haven’t gotten the results I wanted). Here we go!

First we have a video made by PBS, about Steampunk! GJ, PBS! DGJ!

What happens when you mix Zombie movies with Cuba? Cuban Zombies? VERY YES.

I remember watching Dragon Ball as a younger kid.

I also remember growing up and questioning why all the rays looked terribly phallic.

Here’s a plausible explanation.

A very sexy explanation.

I hope you like Touhou, because we have more of it! This time is Memories of Phantasm, the 15-minute anime with only SFX…

Now with VOICES!

Awesome Fact about it: All the voices are made by a single girl. Who is now 100x more awesome.

This pretty much sums up my opinion about Halo.

Team Fortress Video! A Spy Parties, and Nobody ain’t gonna stop him now!

I love GTAIV, but mostly due to the glitches an unintentional humor.

I love OK Go. Also, I love The Muppets. So, I love this very much.

Sazae-san OP song with Surreal Touhous. SANAE-SAN! Also: WTF>>>>

Slow Touhou is also Good Touhou.

And now, something completely different.

That’s it for today! Enjoy!