CIRNO IS BACK! The aftermath of ⑨

Last friday I said that there was more coming.

I wasn’t lying.

Even Master Chief knows this.

I mean, Master Chiefrno.

Oops! Halo 4 Spoilers!

I wasn’t supposed to tell you this. Oh well!

More unrealistic Cirnos after the break.


Last Friday’s post was all about famous Rage Comic faces, Cirnofied.

Or at least, for the most part.

There was that “fairymen” thing…

Also, FSJAL.

But it was all about single templates/faces being turned into Ice Fairies.

This time, we are changing HISTORY!

Mark Zuckerberg‘s face is your face right now.

“Why is that girl sending a ⑨ note?”, is the question of the moment.

Of course, the real pressing matter is this:

How did Cirno manage to get into college?

A real mystery.

But wait, what did she do to go back and change history?

Well, I’m glad you asked, Marty!

This year’s model is classic.

It also continues with more Pop Culture References, this time a movie classic that everyone can enjoy.

See you next year again, Cirno!