24-Hour Comics Day – 2011

Last October, I did what I do every year since 2008: Completed a 24 page comic in 24 hours.

I think the 2008 comic has not seen the light since… 2008.

So, here it is:

Then, in 2009, I also did a comic.

Which I will also proceed to reproduce below.

Then in 2010, I also did a comic, with a slight variation: It was a flash comic, so instead of doing 24 pages, it was 100 panels.

In case you haven’t noticed the pattern we’re following here, I will tell you, this is it:

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This means that of course I had to do one in 2011.

Unfortunately, unlike previous years, I could not join my friends and comrades of Changolion Comics and 656 Comics for this night of merriment and comic-making.

Later, I would find out that, in fact, none of them did a 24-hour comic that day, which means that my efforts were twice as powerful: I did it on my own, without prompting, and all alone.

Heck, it was thrice as powerful: The day when the challenge began, I had to attend a birthday party.

My Awesome Nephew’s Birthday Party.

So, I did lose around 4-5 hours by being there at the party.

And 1-2 of those hours I spent them doing prep work for the comic, too.

But I was there, chatted with the guests, ate food, and played with my Awesome Nephew.

Then came back home and worked for the remaining hours, finishing the comic 4 hours after the deadline.

The original thumbnails had a pace and story that I found a bit painful, because it wasn’t as good as I thought it could be…

So once I came home and started work on pages 4 and forward, I stopped using my thumbnails exactly, taking elements from here and there, trying to construct the story towards what I really wanted to tell.

I got stuck around page 20 or so.

But then I got un-stuck, right when the Sleepness Rush hit.




Page 22.

When the right idea for page 22 hit me, I was not quite myself.

When I drew it, I was high on caffeine and adrenaline, accentuated with the lack of sleep.

I don’t quite remember how I did it…

But I remember I did.

And I remember curling up in a ball afterwards, which accounts for about 30 lost minutes.

I wasn’t asleep, though.

I think I might have been mumbling, and crying…

But I’m not sure.

Like I said, it all blurs.

Anyways, here’s the first 6 pages.

I will publish 6 pages each week for the next few weeks.

The funny thing about this comic, is that I am planning to print it and sell it in some way.

The printed version contains some changes, mostly for consistency, clarity and improved appearance.

Also, full color cover, and more comments by me.