State of the Site: Times are Troubling

Boy, have I been busy lately.

Or rather, I haven’t set up some time to write stuff.

Also, haven’t bothered to post a couple of posts about anime and stuff, mostly because I’ve been wanting to post them using nice pictures just to give a visual aid to what I write.

But that takes time.

Time that I use for: Art.

Have you seen my deviantArt? There’s some new art there.


It’s also time I use for: My friends.

If I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t have friends.

And that includes playing Vampire the Masquerade and Left 4 Dead, because that’s one of my Friends Activities.


Time I use for School.

Because it is important.

Also, time for Research.

I believe I should’ve mentioned this before, but I am a bit of a scientist.

As in, a real scientist.

Ok, not that real, as I am a computer scientist.

Not as much of a scientist as, say, a Physicist.

But I am scientist enough to warrant dedicating time to Research.

This semester is a bitch, and I’ve written a lot, just haven’t posted it.

I probably will post a lot of stuff soon, though, so…


Ah! I should probably mention I lost all the original SWF files for Punto Ciego, including work on the next chapter, and probably won’t be able to retrieve these files for quite a while. So, I’ve been slowly working up the courage towards starting that almost-finished chapter from start.

Now that I’ve done another 24 hour comic, which I will also publish soon, I’m feeling quite ready to jump into Hardcore Speed Comic Making. Which means I could probably get some PC comics out sooner than later…

As soon as the workload gets a bit easier on me.

Man, I’m sleepy…