The Katawa Shoujo Review That Was Never Meant to Be

I had planned to start the New Year by making a big-ass blog post.

Big. Enough.

And as soon as I found out that Katawa Shoujo was to be released on the 4th, I said “Great! I can start the year by reviewing the game!”

So I start playing the game.

And after a day, I realize one thing: This review is not gonna happen, at least not the way I envisioned.

You see, I had a Plan.

And like every person with a Plan, I committed to following through with it.

Here is the Plan:

  1. Play the game’s paths in Specific Order until achieving 100% completion.
  2. Write a blog post detailing Pros and Cons, as well as highlighting some interesting stuff about it, with Spoilers behind the appropriate spoiler curtains.

The Specific order was devised shortly after playing the Act 1 Demo.

I ordered the girls from Most Interesting to Least Interesting:

Rin > Shizune > Hanako > Lilly > Emi

And for the final playthrough, I decided to do their paths in order from Least Interesting to Most Interesting.

Thus, I started with Emi.

To make things more interesting, I started commenting my impressions on G+, mostly out of fun than anything.

Oh boy.

This is how the Review broke: By playing the Emi path.

Let’s see what happened to me:

Katawa Shoujo, First playthrough: Decided to go for the Emi route first, because she's not popular, she's even # 5 on my list.
 # 1 thing to do after finishing all routes: Reconsidering putting Emi higher on the list. :3 #katawashoujo
 (Also, I hate the writer of this scenario, because he gave Emi some of the personality traits that seriously disarm me. And by hate I mean "HATE", because it's making me enjoy this game a whole lot more)
 "There. Science would approve, right?"
 And it was awesome.
 And the morning after...
 Seriously, I had low expectations for the adult content of this game...
 But so far, it's been...
 Unexpectedly Cute.
 Not the sort of thing you'd find on these games.
 Which, IMHO, gives this game extra points in the #awesome department.
 Cute AND comical.
 Writer of the Emi scenario, I tip my hat to you: It's the first time I go from "How Cute > LOL > That is quite real / accurate" in an Ecchi Scene, and not feeling any ridiculous eroticism whatsoever.
 Which makes it extra successful as part of a story IMHO

It’s a very tasteful game.

Lovely, even.

By this point, I had been bitten, but it was barely starting to show in my comments.

At night, before going to sleep after finishing Emi’s path, I started recollecting…






Emi’s path scared me a little. Its story reminded me of things that laid hidden in my psyche, things that have popped their heads in my dreams.

Do your dreams ever have recurring characters?

Mine do, sometimes.

And it’s always this girl, with this attitude, and a very particular gaze.

Emi fit the mold almost to a T. (Hair is different)

I wanted more. Lilly was next.

Katawa Shoujo Lily Act 3:
 Mmh. Conflicted about this.
 It's still sweet, but so far, Emi's story feels better IMHO.
Despite Emi's straightforwardness, Lilly's path does come out as more erotic, so far.
Also, no references to marine life yet, so we're good!!
Now that's an interesting H scene.
I seriously don't know where Lilly's path is going.
Good development. Almost exactly as expected, which is good.
Path has redeemed itself.
Emi > Lilly.
Lilly Path: 100% Complete.
Not too bad. Some good moments in the end, but, like I said before, I played Emi's AWESOME path first, so Lilly's seriously pales in comparison, IMHO.
Now, let's start Hanako's and call it a day...

So far, still business.

Emi still lingers, in the back of my head, like a point of comparison.

I start playing Hanako’s path, but don’t manage to finish Act 2 before something else happens…

The more I think about it, the more I realize that life is just a string of coincidences. Whether these are good or bad, it's up to how we look at it.
But I like to think that even bad experiences can give us something good, so I try to be optimistic, despite my own very negative nature.
And it's hard.
Really hard.
The world does make a huge effort in showing that my negative views are correct...
And yet, even then, I still think that something good will happen eventually.
I wasn't like this before, you know?
I used to have a lot of bottled up anger, frustration, negativity.
Maybe I still do.
I don't know what or how it happened, but I know I can use all that inner turmoil for good.
And that's why I feel good today.
Because I feel sad, conflicted, a tad lonely, worried about the future, confused, wishing I could move forward, a bit scared. Also, appy, and healthy enough, hopeful.
Is it funny? I don't know. Part of me says it is, but part of me says it doesn't have to be.
I used to rant a lot like this, back in the day. But the rants were very negative, very frustrating.
Now, well...
I feel fine.
Neither good, nor bad.
Just fine.
And I think that's awesome.
And so are you, person reading this.
I don't circle just about anyone, you know?
Be grateful!
( #tsundere? XD )


Interesting. Ranting again. It’s been a while, ranting. Good to see you’re healthy.

Let’s see those impressions about Hanako, shall we?

Katawa Shoujo: Hanako Path, Act 3.
Goddammit... Hanako does remind me a lot of someone I used to know, frequent and care about. From her shy nature, to her affinity to chess, her mannerisms... Heck, even the "hairstyle that covers one eye".
It's kinda scary.
Still, let's see how this is all managed. My prediction ability is in full gear, with some scenarios having higher probabilities than others... I have good expectations for this. :)
The... Flashbacks.
My own.
Hanako is giving me flashbacks.
Her personality, mannerisms, even her hobbies remind me so much of a girl I once knew...
And it makes me wonder...
Why did we drift apart?
 Why did we just stop talking to each other?
 How can a friendship end in such a low note?
I do not know. And it had been a while since I last let these thoughts into my mind, and now they resonate more than ever, due to a "simple" story in a visual novel.
I don't believe this game will answer any of my questions, but if anything, it gives more credence to the game and its story.
Girls like Hanako are real.
"She runs her hand down one of her bangs as I try to think of something to say"
* assumes fetal position *
And now, a different kind of flashback...
This game is hitting too many nerves... To many sensitive things about myself, my past and my life.
Quite unusual.
Hanako really does remind me of her.
That shy girl with a very... Profound world within her.
Powerful stuff.
The kind of person that could eventually accomplish any and everything, if they set their minds to it.
I saw her do just that, and I felt her frustration, her anger, her happiness...
But I was... Always...
Maybe she was, too.
Maybe that's what happened.
Our mental walls remained...
But not the friendship.
It's been... so long....
That was good.
Really Good.
Adorably Sweet.
Despite all the... Baggage... It dredged in me.
Hanako Path - Good End: COMPLETE.
And now, to get those missing scenes....
EDIT: Wow.. Normal End. And the BAD END. WOW.
It's time for some Shizune!

As you can see, my past begins to haunt me.

I had already lost the battle.

The Review was not meant to be by this point.

How could I review it, when this game brought up so many things I thought forgotten/buried/overcome?

Let’s see if Shizune does not make me want to feel again:

Katawa Shoujo: Started Shizune Act 2.
As always, the Shizune ending of Act 1 makes me shiver.
It's one of those things.
Those awesome things.
The FMV Intro hints at... Something I like. A lot. :)
This is gonna be quite a ride.
"Sociopathic lesbian supremacists"
Kenji, u so funny XD
 Shizune's Dad is called Huge Man, and is a Ronin samurai hawaiian werewolf.
 He kills bears for a living.
#notreally #orisit
Mmmh. Sexy time.
Conceptually interesting.
Very conceptually interesting.
Also, very sexy, without feeling vulgar.
Finally! A decision!! And it's...
A good one. :)
Now, I know that is the right path... But I ain't takin' it! Not this time! The nature of the decision forces my hand!
 WHAT I DO TO GET 100%!!! This will not end well ; __ ;
This reminds me of a manga I read once.
Wait... It was not a bad end? What the hell man?!
Dat Huge Man...
Is an even bigger troll than me dad.
Yup. Shizune's path is almost exactly what I expected.
Almost, because it's better.
It also reminds me of people I do know, though not exactly the same genders.
People I really care about.
There, done.
 Now let's see if there's something missing here...
Shizune's path is the easiest. It only has one big split.
It was a good path, all in all. :)
 Shizune is very likeable, reminds me of people.

Nope! It merely reminds me of people.

Also, myself and my obsession with trying to debate every little thing, even if the argument is stupidly childish.

This path I forced into a Bad End but never finished it. Loaded the original save and decided to go for the Good End instead.

Only Rin’s path is left. The weird artist girl. I can make it out unscathed, right?

ALRIGHT! Rin's Path, STARTED!! #katawashoujo
I haven't commented much on Rin's path.
Mostly because...
I don't know what to make of it.
I actually like Rin... But at the same time, I understand...
The part of me that is an artist, feels it...
That disorder, those thoughts that cannot be conveyed through words, and sometimes not even pictures.
It's hard.
Very hard.
I also remember how the pressure breaks that... How it transforms you. How responsibilities and emotional turmoil can drive you into extremes.
It reminds me of the times I tried to jump into traffic, or the times I have, repeatedly and literally, hit my head against the wall because I cannot take the pressure building inside me.
Weird, hard to explain emotions.
And it's even harder to find someone who can understand them, even if it's just a little.
You drive the people around you crazy, because they don't get why are you angry, or sad, or acting just plain weird.
The anger, confusion, and sometimes disdain of your loved ones, all because your mind is actually working in another place, a place very different from what they call Reality.
It's tough.
You seek to be understood, to not stand alone all the time...
You cannot.
There's a wall... Between you and the rest of the world. A wall that is made of impossibilities, of contradictions, of disorganized ideas, of pure raw creation, that makes you live at least a part of your life in a place where things don't actually exist.
Nothing can bring that wall down.
Absolutely nothing.
Because it's what makes you tick, what makes you work.
and the closer they try to get to you, the more it will hurt them
because its a wall
that is made of broken things
of you
I hate Nomiya the art teacher.
Because he's full of it.
I got lucky, my art teacher is awesome.
A mind open to everything, observing everything, accepting everything.
I can't describe how helpful he was in my artistic development.
He's the only person I personally call "Master".
He's a master of art, to me.
"I think I want someone to see what's inside me."
Even if you try, it never comes out just right, it's always imperfect, and it's never as complete. It's always in piecees, orsomting like that.
God... In so many ways, I am so very Rin...
But just like I am ddriven by passion, I am also grounded with logic.
A middle path.
So, in a way, Rin's words ring true:
"You have to stop worrying."
 "You have to learn to let go."
Again with the eye descriptions... Again with the color green.
Were her eyes green too? Green, blue, something in the middle.
It was not a flame behind them, but lightning.
The first time, a challenge unmet.
The second, an invitation...
And those same words: "Let yourself go".
But I can't.
Because that was just a dream.
I haven't found her, nor her eyes, again, outside, in what everyone calls Reality.
Maybe it's for the best.

Well, fuck.

Rin’s path hit me like a truck full of bricks.

Her thought processes, I found intriguing in the demo…

But her emotional progress, her commitment, that… sacrifice, that madness…

Too familiar. Way too familiar.

I’ve been in that place. Places.

It’s not easy.

It’s horrible.

Very lonely.

I’ve read comments about how many people who played this game found something in a particular character, something to love…

But in my case, playing Rin’s path confronted me with something far more terrible, something deeper, more dangerous than anything else:

Myself. My own distorted, damaged, malformed feelings.

The ones I deny constantly.

The ones I’ve kept bottled because I cannot find the right way to let them out or express them or simply say I am sorry for all thebad things I’ve done to you, or you, or you.

Rin’s questions ring in my head still.

Her questions are also my questions.

And she never finds much in the way of answers.

Is there even an answer? To them? I don’t know. Quite probably not.

But she manages to do what I couldn’t, and in the end faces her fear, her “disconnection”, even if it means never understanding (Because that’s what it all boils down to), and comes out the other side.

I am still on this sid.e

Trying to make sense of it all.

And there’s nothing on the other side.

There’s never been anything.

There almost was, a couple of times.

Once, I was broken.

Twice, I broke myself further.

Thrice, I was trying to fix myself without working through the pain.

Now I can feel all that again.

All. That.

I haven’t been running away.

I had merely sealed it all, waiting for the right time to open it.

This was not the right time.

But it was the perfect opportunity to maybe see.

I always look at myself almost mechanically.

To me, everything is combinations, formulas, optimization.

Even emotions.

It’s the only way to cope, to atone, to wake up every day feeling like I can make the world a better place.

This game…

It did not break me.

But it shed some light into the little pieces that are not in the right place, or that move in the wrong direction, or that I have to replace before I can move again.

A bright, sincere light.

And now…

Finished Katawa Shoujo.
I think I found it again.
Something I had lost.

Now I know.

I know.

That I can love.


Not now.

I am still… Seriously broken.

But now I know I can move on.

Now I know what was missing.

Can I find it?

No idea.

I hope I can.

I am not as blind as I was when I first broke.

And not as afraid as I was when I broke myself.

And not as isolated as I was when I Β first tried to fix myself.

In the end,
the art is OK,
the writing is OK,
the music is OK,
but the story…
is made of Passion.

And it’s all that matters.

I won’t recommend you to play this game.

I am no longer in a position in which I can say, for certain, that anyone can enjoy this.

But if you’re willing to give this game a chance, please, play it.

Even if it doesn’t touch you in the way it has touched a lot of the people who’ve played it, you may enjoy it a lot.

And, who knows? Maybe it will brighten up your life a little.

Let yourself go.

18 thoughts on “The Katawa Shoujo Review That Was Never Meant to Be”

  1. This…. is extremely powerful. I have only played through Emi’s story, because after having gone through some similar experiences (that ended, in real life, with me making the WRONG choice and losing someone…) I just couldn’t bring myself to experience anything else.
    Emi is the character that makes me feel like I’m reliving parts of my life, and what could have happened if I made the right choices.
    I love what you have written here; It has been incredible reading other people’s (specifically, your) reactions to this emotional experience.
    KS 4 Ever (:

    1. I think we’ve all made the wrong choices, sometimes more than once.

      If anything, I think the most important lessons in life often come from unexpected places.

      Like a romance game about girls with disabilities.

      Keep things up, man!

      — A.S.

  2. I got hooked with Rin. I cried a good amount. The connection in thought processes and how deep everything that occuree was…it broke me. I got the bad ending at first and was really frustrated so I had to go back and do the other two endings. Unlucky me got the “true” ending next and I was really hit hard, so Iwent and finished the other ending. I felt happy but reading others reactions to it really hurts, it was a very hard story to read because of how attached you get.

    1. The funny thing is, Rin “broke” me not because of the emotional connection, but the conscious understanding of the creative process.

      Her self-destructiveness is something I experience a lot, even now, though not in the same way I used to back when I was younger.

      I think her “True” ending is the one that is more coherent with Hisao’s “Normal” kind of thinking.

      Getting involved with an artist, and one with such a complex mental framework, is not an easy task. We can be fickle. Emotional. As logical as we can be illogical. We understand things as much as we don’t.

      We’re also very, very lonely.

      But we’re also used to dealing with loneliness.

      It helps us remain driven, do things we’re supposed to do.

      But, in the end, when we’re done with one task, we feel it again.

      And it’s horrible.

      Horrible enough to drive you to the next thing.

      Thus, we burden ourselves with more work than we can normally handle.

      Because the moment in which we don’t have anything else, we see how alone we are, how disconnected, and how, no matter how much we try to understand or be understood…

      We can’t.

      It’s hard.

  3. Personally, I got hit the hardest with Hanako’s ending.
    1. because i tend to be like that somtimes even though i want to be tougher. and
    2. I guess im a sucker for sadness and broken peoples and stories. . . seems shallow now that i read it but its the truth. Oh and thanks to Emi i now take morning jogs at 5:40 in the morning. . . yay. There are also a few times when i probably would have handled the situation differently, but I digress. All in all im shooting for the Shizune good ending next. not gonna get the bad endings though.

    1. You are tough already. If you can admit you’re not tough, then you’re tougher than most.

      I liked Hanako’s ending because it reminded me of this girl, antisocial, chess player, who had a hard time relating to others.

      And yet, behind that awkwardness, that weirdness, was a beautiful, headstrong girl who was slowly realizing that she could fight for her dream.

      I consider myself privileged because I bore witness to that change.

      It’s unfortunate that we slowly drifted apart, but I am 100% certain that she’s doing/going to accomplish great things. She’s just that kind of person.

      Emi is making me want to go out and DO things. I started doing more exercise again, as well (Besides the usual walking I do every day to go back and forth the University).

      As another example, today I went to a Hip hop concert, and danced a lot.

      I had never gone to a Hip hop concert! Only rock.

      And I never dance! Yet there I was, just happy of being there, alive, listening to some very honest music.

      I think that’s the most important thing about KS: It’s a reminder of all the things in life, all the good things that we are, and the good things we can be if only we try.

      So! Try! Do! Be the best you can be, Echo!

  4. I really appreciate your thoughts on the game. They reminded me of a few things I had nearly forgotten, or at least let slip my mind. I especially appreciate and empathize with what you went through in Rin’s route.

    While hanako’s route mirrored experiences I’ve had in my own life. I connected the most with Rin and with hisao in her route. It brought so many things I was frustrated with myself about to the surface much like yourself. I did feel drained and slightly broken, but I felt armed with a new found clarity that I didn’t have going into it.

  5. Great review! I googled it to see if I should do Rin’s or Lilly’s path next, and I think I have to go with Rin. It seems like something that would really resonate with me somehow. So far, I’ve finished Emi, Shizune, and Hanako (good ending only, I just cant make myself go back and ruin everything with her) and they are all great. All so different, but all so emotional. Sad. Beautiful. There’s just so much heart in each of these characters, and they are all incredible. I honestly feel as if this visual novel has made me better person. I think if I’d have had it sooner, I could’ve saved myself from a lot of hurt and heartbreak. The most amazing thing about it though, is how it can make you connect so deeply with the characters, almost a love. Their struggles and pain are so relatable and so real. I can see myself sitting with Shizune for hours, teasing and arguing and playing games and making sarcastic comments, and it sounds just about perfect. I can see Hanako, waiting all alone and I just want to come hold her and love her and never let go.

    Wow, that certainly turned into a wall of text quick… Anyway, great review, great game, just all around great :)

    1. Thank you!

      Almost every comment about KS can turn into a Wall of Text pretty quickly, doesn’t it? XD

  6. I started playing when i saw KS being shown in funnyjunk and all those sites, so i decided to give it a go, i don’t know why i chose Hanako because… i don’t know… but i became more and more obsessed? because i also were bullied, and also declined many times and im only 17. well i wanted to continue the path and i ended with the good ending. i didn’t expect this game to affect me so much, like a feel bomb… but i couldn’t continue with other paths because i liked the path/ending with Hanako and, i really wished i met a Hanako… funny how a game can affect one huh?

    ps. i’m a guy…

    1. Here’s something I’ve been thinking about, a year after playing through the game for the first time:

      The game was never about disabilities.

      The base idea was formulated from the concept of a school for the disabled.

      However, the development veered away from a game about fetishistic cripple sex into something completely different: A game about honest-to-god relationships.

      You see, in fiction there are all sorts of characters that represent a myriad of things.

      Some are avatars for the authors, representing ideas, concepts, beliefs. Superheroes are often this.

      Some are playthings, dolls, to enact certain desires, wishes, to perfection. The Twilight saga is a lot like this.

      But sometimes you find characters that have an extra dose of reality: They represent something, but go beyond the author. They are not “playthings” because they are flawed, there are things in them that are not quite within the “tropes” they represent.

      They are incredibly human.

      Fabricated, sure, but they have a dose of reality that you don’t find in heroes or dolls.

      The characters in Katawa Shoujo are a very good example of this.

      Hanako’s path is emotionally complex, portraying a character whose trope corresponds to a broken girl in need for a prince.

      And yet, if you try to be that “prince”, you will fail: Hanako was never “weak”, “broken”, or in need for “help”. She’s a complex character, who grows over the course of her stories (Both Hanako’s and Lily’s paths show Hanako growing a lot).

      In my case, Emi was very different from her initial impression. At first she seemed uninteresting, the stereotypical competitive sportsgirl with no other qualities. And boy was I wrong… She ended up being more playful, engaging, and girly than her corresponding trope would seem to indicate.

      So, yeah, I would advise to play the other routes. They show different faces of all these characters, and they are very good, very likeable.

  7. A few days after playing i don’t know why i feel this… this feeling that i miss something, it’s sad though… i have never had a relationship, and this game is, i think the closest thing i have had a relationship with… or am i just mistaking it for something else? well it’s probably the most moving thing since my mom’s death… and just can’t freaking stand anything like a drama movie without getting touched after this game.
    but definitely helped me realizing things i never thought of. it’s a great game.

    i’m only sharing this in here, where people have played this game, and maybe been in a situation like i am right now. and i’m a little lost.

  8. Ah shit… i have played emi’s route, it has not affected me much, other than almost the same as you described it, but after playing lilly’s path and getting the good ending at first try, it fucking broke me… it has affected me more than hanako’s which i thought was the most heart wrenching, and boy was i wrong, after i played lilly’s route, i cried as a bitch… i am not tough enough…

    i mostly agree on what you have wrote about each character and took your advice about trying the other routes and i appreciate that because it has made me think of a lot of things, and feelings i thought i had forgotten, moments i had buried. but it helped me casting light upon things undone. though i found what part i am missing in myself, but i am not sure if i can find it, but i desperately longing for that. although i am pretty isolated from the world as in i live out in the middle of nowhere, and the nearest town is 4 km, i am in high school freshman year, and this helped me opening up a little, but to find the love i feel for some of these character’s i am not sure, but i sure hope i can. and after playing this, i think i can save myself from future heartbreak and “mishaps” because i haven’t found one to love. so i am prepared thanks to this game and your opinion/reactions πŸ˜›

    although i’m gonna take a few days off of playing this game to reflect a little, i am thinking of playing the last few routes to see if they can enlighten me, although i don’t hope they’ll break me again, which i am almost sure they will, it’s only Shizune Hakamichi and Rin Tezuka left.

    Wish me luck.

    and for them who hasn’t played this game and about to, Good Luck.

    and thanks for your thoughts/reactions about each character/emotions, helped me understand them a little more. and very good written if i must say. by the way have you read the fanfic about Hanako’s path? it’s some writer who is writing things/thoughts from her perspective, as you said, she wasn’t broken, weak or in need of help as you said, and playing lilly’s route confirmed that.

    Katawa Shoujo 4 ever! πŸ˜€

    1. Here’s the one thing you have to keep in mind:

      The game is not real.

      The characters are fiction.

      It’s a thing that exists in almost pure abstraction.


      Therein lies the “mystery”: How come something to abstract, so lacking in tangible reality, evoke such strong feelings?

      And I quote:

      “Doesn’t matter if it’s a videogame, movie, drama, anime, manga… We’re ALIVE!”
      – Travis Touchdown, “No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle”

      Why is that my favorite quote in the game? It’s a meta quote given by an Otaku assassin in a killing spree for revenge. It’s a videogame character declaring who he is: Fictitious, yes, but ALIVE.

      It might be a limited life, or a metaphorical life, devoid of the biological processes of life.

      But it’s a life that WE, as the readers/players/watchers give them.

      Their lives become important to us, and let us see, feel and enjoy things about ourselves and the world that we wouldn’t be able to do so otherwise.

      You may not be mistaking it for something else: I played this game after playing Love Plus for about two months…

      And this game made me quite Love Plus.

      This game is more real than Love Plus, and Love Plus is supposed to be a “simulation”… But it’s so empty, so vain.

      The characters in works like Katawa Shoujo have enough depth to make us “connect” with them, to make us look at ourselves reflected on that.

      In my case, Emi made me realize that I lacked something in my life, and it’s something really hard to find for someone who is too logical and lacking in spontaneity.

      I am working on it, though, slowly but surely.

      I don’t know if I’ll ever be in a relationship, but I do know that it should be something very unique, something very “me”.

      Which is actually the hard part! So I wait, but instead of being down all the time, depressed, feeling lonely, I just look up and think, “Things are not so bad!”

      And things really ultimately get not so bad after all.

      I hope you enjoy Shizune’s and Rin’s routes.

      Shizune is a very intriguing character, and her route shows how headstrong she can be.

      And Rin scares me, but only because what I see of myself in her is… Some really dark stuff.

      Thanks for commenting!

      1. and thanks for replying!

        and you didn’t have to mention it’s just a game xD, although, do you have any other VN’s manga, anime similar to this, and not like you describe love plus πŸ˜› ps. this is my first VN/dating sim, if that wasn’t clear enough xD

        although “learning” from this game doesn’t help me much because i can’t make a think monologue in real time as in the game to think about things xD i kinda just ponder for a few seconds or none at all, making me more reliable to say something i’ll regret, i suppose it’s just my personality. but i feel scared how this game can emotionally affect one. not a bad emotion, but an emotion one’s going to miss. like the game takes a piece of your heart and you know you can’t get it back.

  9. wow did i just think the way rin thinks? because i just wrote 2 kinds of thoughts without a lead in the last part…

  10. i’m just done with shizune’s path, and i feel very disappointed, it’s like it stops unexpected and not really explaining things, and also doesn’t really how much they love each other, but the thing that kinda put me “off” is the ending, “we’ll meet again”

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