24 Hour Comics!!

First of all, an apology!

It has been quite a while since I last updated my own 24 hour comic.

Well, here it is, in all its unedited, raw, and humble non-glory.

Then, I have more news regarding Punto Ciego:

This is the last update in Flash.

That’s it. I’m really ditching Flash.

You see, ever since I finished this 24 hour comic (And the Madoka Fan-minicomic I am selling at local conventions for charity), and I lost all the files for the original Punto Ciego Chapter A-4, something has been nagging me int he back of my head…

Why was I doing this in Flash in the first place?

An experiment in format, really.

That’s about it.

And yet I kept making it, because that’s the format I committed to, right?

But who says I have to always commit to the same format, then?

Flash is not efficient in this case.

Comic files are bigger, making them takes longer, and the whole thing doesn’t flow as well as it could.

In other words, it became a Weakness, rather than a Strength.


The next Punto Ciego chapter (Was it 4 or 5?) is going to be presented in good ol’ static images, with all the goddamn good old panels and text balloons and layouts.

Also, the Spanish version is going “KAPUT” with the following update.

No use maintaining something I have no time to maintain.


Before I go, here’s a couple of 24-hour comics made at Angouleme: Darkness, and The Rollerblades of Suleimaniya.

Be sure to check both of them out! You won’t regret it, they’re masterfully executed. :)

See you, Space Cowboy!