Days 6 & 7 (Of 31)

This time we have two drawings of the Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame, Utsuho Reiuji.


There wasn’t much I could do to her. Utsuho doesn’t strike me as a character that cares much about her appearance: She’s mostly functional, without much flair or decoration beyond the basics.

Nevertheless, I think she’s pretty cool. :)

March continues, after the first week…

2 thoughts on “Days 6 & 7 (Of 31)”

  1. oh man Okuu :3 I particularly like how you draw the red eye thing on her chest, it just fits so well.

    By the way, any chance you can make a blog post about the 2012 touhou popularity poll? I read your post about the 2011 poll , thought it would be great if you could also write something about the 2012 one.

    1. Thank you :)

      I probably will make a post about it, eventually. I do not think it will be as extensive as the other one, but I will try to cover at least the 3 main categories (Character, Music, Game).

      I also made a little poll for Spanish-speaking Touhou fans, so I might also do a post for that, too. It was originally for a Touhou fansite in Spanish, but some things have happened since, so I will post the results here, instead.

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