Day 27-31 LAST POST!

The last images of the month, now with more commentary.

First, a personal favorite: Miss Knowledge, with a more modern look, and GLASSES. :)

I remember talking to him once, and on the subject of SWR, he mentioned that he played Yuyuko.  As what essentially could be considered the Queen of the Netherworld, it seems fitting that I made this drawing for him, in the anniversary of his death. We miss you, bro.

Space Brothers? More like SPACE SISTERS~! Remilia is serious about this whole Space thing, but Flan appear to want to play.

I went for something fancier for the last day: Suika, a character that often inspires me in more ways than one. :)

That’s it. 31 days, 31 drawings, and now I feel more ready to start doing more comics. Stay tuned.

Here’s all the other drawings from this month.