Touhou Thing Part 3

In other words: Page #2 / Strip #4. Confused yet? You should. Moving to a once-every-two-weeks schedule, and releasing two strips instead of one.

Do I need to give an explanation of what Orin is really like in this comic?

I think it’s better if I leave it to your imagination.

I really like Seiga.

She’s a troll character.

And considering the nature of this comic, she will be back with a more formal introduction.

Next update: Probably gonna be about other folk living underground.

Why the underground folk?

Man, I dunno, I think the SA characters are pretty dope. Their isolation lends itself to eccentricity!

I will try to tone down the jokes about sexual preferences/deviancy, though.

Will try to make this as white and clean as possible! <3 (yeah right)