A Month in Third Grade

In the early 90’s, things were going down in Mexico City.

3rd Grade of Middle School, a Marist College.

He was a smart, friendly, active kid.

Not the smartest, but always hanging there near the top.

Not the friendliest, but always looking out for those he cared for.

Not the sportiest, but always gave his best on those soccer matches.

He was barely special.

His family of five was special to him.

In his dreams, he always wanted them close, even if his dreams showed them in dangerous situations.

But he was just a kid, so the only way for him to help them was try to be the best he could, even if sometimes he fought with his sisters, got angry over silly things, or did pranks that were a little bit dangerous.

But, that year, things were going down: The business wasn’t panning out, and in fact was becoming too complicated to the point of unfair litigation.

So his dad and mom had to take a rough decision: They would leave the big nice house, with the caretakers and the comforts.

But his dad, always looking ahead, always trying to find ways in which to move things forward, saw one thing that worried him: The City of Mexico was in trouble. He saw that the natural reserves would run out sooner than expected, and gambled for something else: To leave the city in which the kid and his little sisters had grown up in, in which their lives had started to develop.

Where to go? Anywhere. But with things as they were, the family could opt to either go for roots, or somewhere else.

The dad’s roots? A little town in the middle of the Veracruz mountains. Not the place in which the dad and the mom wanted to raise their children.

The mom’s roots? A city far in the south, in Tabasco, one of the most beautiful states in the country, with lots of warm family, food, and good enough education.

The choice was not easy, but they opted to go to Tabasco, and they chose to leave two months before ending the school year.

This is where the kid’s story begins: He chose to commit to his studies.

They tried to convince him to go, that he did not need to finish the school year and he would still be accepted in his new school.

He refused.

He wanted to finish the school year properly.

So the kid’s parents decided to let him live with some friends of the family, who lived across the street and whose youngest son went to the same school.

In one month, the kid learned that the world was full of awesome things that he did not know about.

Here is a list of awesome things that happened to him during that month:

  • He ate a lot of great food. International food! Spain! Japan! Chinese! He had never had any of them.
  • He even ate maguey worms. Expensive! Also gourmet!
  • He learned to do Math real good. Lots of Math Exercises! Every day! It was hard and worth it.
  • He lived in room with a ridiculous amounts of Star Wars toys. Tres Geek!
  • He learned to fulfill his commitments, to stick to his guns and his beliefs.

After the month had passed, he finished 3rd Grade and moved on to 4th Grade, which was overall as eventful in a completely different way.

But it’s a story for another time.