4th Grade

It is difficult to talk about 4th Grade.

We had just left Mexico City and moved to Villahermosa, Tabasco.

Very different place, a city we associated more with Family Vacations (Due to my mother’s family living there) than Making a Living.

My main issue was the people.

You see, we had just arrived from Mexico City, a place that is maligned by many people throughout Mexico. A recurring phrase I have heard goes something like this: “If you love <insert current city name here>, kill a ‘Chilango'”. Chilango is the slang used to refer to people from Mexico City.

A calm, quiet kid from Mexico City was not very welcomed, and never adapted.

That year I learned how cruel kids can be.

I learned that I could punch and kick other people.

I learned that the other kids kicked and punched harder.

I also learned that nobody was listening when I told them they were calling me names in the first place.

They wanted me to do nothing to defend myself.

So I did.

It was only a year.

I managed to spend more time with some of my favorite cousins, I learned a bit about fishing, and made my first trips to Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula. I learned snorkeling!  I got the SNES! I started watching Anime on TV!

It was a painful year, yes, but all the good stuff that happened was amazing and unforgettable.

One of my most vivid memories is in the beaches of Cancun, a day in which the sea was wild and we were wilder.

My dad tried to convince us to go into the water even though it was a tad too wild for a 10-year old child.

We went in anyways.

The sea was unpredictable, violent, extremely aggressive. Not fit for swimmers at all.

And yet we stood there, holding on, almost swept to a potentially fatal situation.

That “almost-being-dragged-on” feeling was simply amazing, and coupled with the beautiful location, made for a memory that hardly has an equal.

The opportunities were not as good in Tabasco, so eventually we did move to Veracruz, a very famous port / tourist attraction.

Those were two good years.

That’s when the dreams started.

3 thoughts on “4th Grade”

  1. Those kids… they’re terrible… I love my city (Villahermosa) and my state, but its people are… just bothersome. Also… I love chilangos! I love Mexico City! I can’t understand why they’re so discriminated…

    1. It’s probably a historical thing.

      I am not gonna say Chilangos are all sweet and nice, but there’s a cultural and historical precedence of people from the National Capital minimizing the contributions and importance of people outside of the are surrounding Mexico City.

      It’s all BS, we should all try to be nice to each other.

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