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“La Rosa de Guadalupe”, or “How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the LULZ”

Mexican TV is awesome.

And by “Awesome” I mean TOTALLY EFFING WEIRD MAN.

Most of what you’ll find is “Telenovelas”, programs similar to Soap Operas that feature lots of drama. Most are serials in which a long-form story is told, usually through over-dramatic acting, ridiculous camera shots and mostly amateur acting that makes serious appreciators of the performing arts flinch in existential Lovecraftian horror.

There are other types, though, which feature individual stories. “La Rosa de Guadalupe” is one of them. Its basic premise is this: There’s a situation that is very dramatic. The situation evolves and becomes something that the people in the episode can’t seem to deal with; one of the characters offers a prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe, who in turn creates a miracle through a white rose, that manages to solve the entire situation.

Essentially it’s an entire “Telenovela” dedicated to the concept of the Deus Ex Machina, and as such, it’s incredibly HILARIOUS: Bad Acting + Bad Scripting + Bad Argument = LULZ, LULZ EVERYWHERE. Of course, every episode also ends up being a story about family values and ethics, but for most of us it’s more about the unintentional laughs than the very intentional lecturing.

So it comes as no surprise that when an episode deals with Otaku culture, some people in Mexico would get up in arms.

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The Juarez Otaku Problem? It’s All Shit

I’d been planning this post since November, but had no idea how I was going to deal with the subject. It’s about OTAKU, and my city, CIUDAD JUAREZ. It’s complicated, but I was missing a crucial component, one element that would show how FULL OF SHIT things are here.

I found it in December.

But before dwelling in how a little trip gave me the tools needed to make this evil, mean and decidedly poignant post, it’s


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The Angel Beats Non-Review

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to open this blog post. I keep coming back to it, on and off, and find no easy answer. Instead of trying to be creative, or be witty, I’m going by the formula and getting straight to the point: I loved Angel Beats. I loved it as much as it was flawed. It had the potential for greatness, for being incredibly memorable, of being one of the best of the year, and instead of being Great, it was Just Okay. When I talked to my friends about this, they all agreed, and once we did some research on the subject, it soon became apparent why this great series was doomed to its non-greatness.

Fact Roll: Angel Beats! is a 2010 anime by Jun Maeda, the man behind the story and music in many of Visual Art’s/Key productions such as Kanon, Air and Clannad. The animation comes courtesy of P.A. Works, whose previous works include CANAAN, True Tears, and the Professor Layton movie. Character design comes from old Jun Maeda collaborator Na-Ga (Little Busters!, Kud Wafter, and the upcoming Rewrite). The director is Seiji Kishi, the man who directed Galaxy Angel Rune, Seto no Hanayome and Tentai Senshi Sunred.

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