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Day 2 & 3 (Of 31)

Keeping things interesting, two for one!

In case you haven’t noticed, this Month’s activity is somehow related to Rin Kaenbyou, and some experiments in alternate costumes.

Will there be 31 Rins? Or will there be other Touhou characters?

Day 1: Rin (alpha)

The March Experiment Continues.

Day One (Of 31)

This post is brought to you by the month of March.

So, we have ART, for DAY ONE (of 31).

Also, Livestream: Part 1, Part 2.

These are the images (Or at least the ones I can show you now) that I’ve done in 2012 so far.


I expect there will be more Katawa Shoujos in my fanarts in the future. And more Touhous. But first there’s a comic I have to SPEW, and some science to do. TOO BUSY FOR LIFE.

It is 9/9, and thus it’s also ⑨/⑨, and CIRNODAY

Every year, on September 9th, the forces that be confabulate to bring us abundant Touhou fanarts, particularly Cirno fanarts.

The first time this was celebrated was the biggest: 09/09/09, A.K.A. ⑨/⑨/⑨, the Perfect Cirno Day.

And for that Momentous Moment, I conjured up something INTERESTING:


Wait… It’s not that interesting, is it? Mostly because it’s totally out of context. It was my first Touhou Project fanart, and wanted to try some stuff with the colors before I…



Metal Gear Solid is an awesome game series.

I still regret the copyright on the bottom right, though. It’s totally out of place.

Last year I was high on hype after watching a certain movie and re-reading for the upteenth time the original graphic novels.

So, Cirno Day was also very, very interesting.


Cirno’s Strongest Day!

Not my best work, but then again it was kinda rushed.

For this year, I’ve decided to jump the motherfucking gun and make a post about it before having done anything at all.

In other words: I have nothing. Yet.

Actually, it would be incorrect I have really nothing.

I have plans.

Fast, hard hitting plans.

Pop-culture plans.

This year I’m not making an image: I’m making a series of disposable images, with one good parody floating in the back until it’s unleashed at the proper time.

Of course, this takes effort, but I have the qualities that can make this work: I don’t sleep, am obsessed with keeping myself busy and might be a bit off-kilter, so it’s all good!

So, stay tuned! Throughout the rest of the day there *will* be more ARTPOSTS concerning this year’s CIRNODAY.


Working through Time: Evolution of a Character

I’ve been thinking stories for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I drew some of them, sometimes I planned them, sometimes they just evolved episodically within my mind.

Either way, the stories have always been there.

But there was never a proper way to express them.

The relatively newer ones, I am self-publishing online.

Punto Ciego is one of them, an amalgam of ideas from various previous stories, rolled into one package with a new cast of characters that ended up twisting the story beyond what I originally envisioned (Which is, to me, the first sign that the story is Good Enough For Me, as a creator).

The other one is Dreamless, which started out as one thing, then morphed into another thing, then bred with another stranger thing and is now beyond even my own recognition. It has a plotted beginning, middle and end, but it’s not quite what I originally envisioned four, five years ago when that story first started taking shape. The main lead was first a man, then a woman, and now…

Well, that’s for me to know, and for you to find out. I’m gonna try to write it and release a small “Episode” every Friday, barring the unexpected (Which is, unfortunately, a very common occurrence in the life of the Common Anatole Serial). I am not abandoning it, though, not this time. It’s the other precious child I have, and it needs to grow.

But I’m not here to talk about those stories.

I’m here to dig deeper in time.

Continue reading Working through Time: Evolution of a Character

Punto Ciego: Preliminary Work and Other Artworks

(Note: This is a partial repost from an older blog I had, and was written way back in June 2009)

I started prelim work on Punto Ciego around September 2008. Many of those early sketches are lost deep within the many sheets of paper I’ve used, but like many projects, it all started with a simple idea. From that idea, a visual component was born, and this visual component influenced the story, which influenced the story, and so on. It all started with Alva and Greg.

The idea was to, somehow, get together a stereotypically shy, artistic “long-hair-covering-her-eyes” kind of girl, with a cool, handsome, adventurous, daring kind of guy. Of course, this basic setup wouldn’t work, so it became necessary for both of them to have a couple of skeletons in their closets. It was also necessary to bring more characters into their lives: Thus, Meche and Julia were born. Armando would come around November, when I was writing the Chapter 0 script, in order to give more coherence to the world. Meche and Julia, though, were created shortly after the concept for both Alva and Greg was more or less set.

Julia and Meche exist as a complement to Alva: Julia is a rebellious, playful figure, more sociable as a way to contrast with Alva; Meche, on the other hand, represents a motherly figure, responsible and hard working. Originally, they had different personalities from their current incarnations; these changed soon after I developed both of their backgrounds and realized their personalities should be coherent with their past experiences.

(End of Old Blog Post)

Here’s some more old sketches from that Preparation Stage:

Since then, there have been other Non-sequential pieces of artwork related to Punto Ciego that I’ve done for multiple reasons.

For example, here’s a winter-themed pic of the entire cast from the beginning of Chapter 1:

There’s also this other pic I did for reasons I can’t remember (Probably a flyer or card?):

She also appears as a toy, along with other toy-ified characters of fellow local artists in a poster I did for a local Toy Charity Drive in which we would give away sketches for people who donated toys for poor children.

There’s the colored Chapter Pics I’ve done for each chapter:

And then there’s more… Experimental work:

All in all, I think there’s been a lot of progress since that “Stereotypical Shy Artist Girl Meets Daring Adventurous Boy” first emerged in my head.

Next week, we’ll take a dive into the memory lane, and see if I can dig up some really, really, REALLY old character sketches, and how some character’s concept has evolved over the years.