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This is one hell of a hot summer!

It's Summertime!

In all honesty, I don’t like summer.

It’s hot, and having to walk to school under the scorching sun ain’t anyone’s idea of a FUN SUMMER.

And yet one thing everyone can agree makes summer a special thing is how everyone seems to be wearing thinner, more revealing clothes.

Sometimes it’s not that good, but when it’s good it’s GREAT.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t change all the “Walking under the sun” part, which often gives me delirious ideas, like promoting a redesigned Elle (A.K.A. Penellope)  to’s Official Mascot Character, while making a slightly more risque drawing of her.

So, yeah, I don’t like summer.

But still, sometimes it can give you THE BEST ideas.

The Juarez Otaku Problem? It’s All Shit

I’d been planning this post since November, but had no idea how I was going to deal with the subject. It’s about OTAKU, and my city, CIUDAD JUAREZ. It’s complicated, but I was missing a crucial component, one element that would show how FULL OF SHIT things are here.

I found it in December.

But before dwelling in how a little trip gave me the tools needed to make this evil, mean and decidedly poignant post, it’s


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Just a heads  up, while I prepare a post in which I geek out about Nanasaki Ai (HHHHHNNNNNNNNNGGGGG!!) from Amagami SS:

I have a guest blog post over at All About Manga. Many thanks to Daniella, who gave me a chance to rant a lot about what it means to be an Otaku in one of the weirdest, most dangerous places of the world.

Just between you and me, this piece was hard to write. Finding the right structure and the right topic was a huge challenge: Most of the time I was ranting about old anime, and when I realized I was straying from the most important thing about Mexican Otaku (That is, The Current Situation), I scrapped everything but the introduction.


I am not exactly super-amazed at what I wrote. I think it’s barely OK, but then again I am a guy who tries to make literature, not commentary. Stories, not essays. Hence, from a literary stand point, I look at it with hesitation.

It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.

So, it is absolutely OK.