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24 Hour Comic Day – The Creative Process and Links

Making a 24 Hour Comic is hard, that much I have told you many times before.

However, I think I must also tell you that it’s much harder when you do it without some kind of structure to work on.

In my “all-random” days, I used to go at it one page at a time until I got close to the cut-off page, then I wrapped things up in some way. If I needed more pages, I often included more characters or information that was not actually needed. There was very few planning or structure, for that matter.

However, since last year I started experimenting with a more structured approach: Thumbnails -> Drawing.

Last year I did all my Thumbs before I even started drawing the final pages, only to realize I needed more pages to finish the story that had been brewing in my head. I decided to commit to the idea of making more pages anyways, so I started to roll with it until I realized there was WAY too much ri-dunk-ulous drama and pacing issues, so I ended up doing some on-the-fly improv with some pages to get the whole thing back on track.

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First Post:

Hour 6 just passed.

Expect hours every 6 updates.


First Edit:

EDIT: Updated. Also: Around TEN MINUTES behind schedule. Was 1.5 hrs behind schedule, but caught up due to AWESOME. Also, feeling HELLA TIRED NOW. Don’t want to use Lifeline #1, but probably will for the last 6 pages. SO. It’s time for a little break, otherwise I will not be able to continue at a good pace. This story’s pace is a bit slower than previous years, and that is intentional: Michelle does not feel like saying what she needs to say. But she will, OH SHE WILL, in the next 6 pages, I think, maybe. She *should*. I mean, I already know how this is gonna end…

Turns out, I was wrong: I had a vague idea of how it was gonna end. I was surprised.

EDIT2: Page 18 is now done. 30 min ahead of time. Super Sleepy. Gonna try watching the Orionid shower. Will probably take lifeline soon. The Twist has been shown, but the real deal begins now. I CAN SEE THE ENDING.

The ending still surprised me. Ninja-like.

I started at 12:50 PM on Saturday. It is now 11:20 AM on Sunday, and this comic is done. I will now proceed to leave a couple of words about it.

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Remember when I said Touhou was becoming “a thing”?

Remember: Read from Top to Bottom before reading Left to Right.

Both weeks’ worth of comics, with some much-necessary minor editing on last week’s 4-panel, and 4 new panels.

If you had the power to read minds, wouldn’t that make you the ultimate voyeur? You could see other people’s fantasies, and maybe understand them better than they could.

It’s a dangerous power.

My version of Satori is not a  nice person. She’s quite likely a pervert that knows way too much about humans. The veracity of her words is unverifiable, though, but I’d like to think she likes to use that knowledge for fun, too.

Anyways, next week we visit another comedy duo from the underground. A not-quite-standard pairing,.. Yet I’m not making pairings here! We’re trying to make comedy! Expect disasters.


You remember that time I made some stuff for Cirno Day? Like, two years in a row?

Heck, I remember there being a third year… And I also remember going crazy with it. Real crazy.

Well, this year I would like to believe I outdid myself.

Not in my lateness, because that’s such a relative term.

It was calculated tardiness.

I really outdid myself.

I can’t even remember what I’m referencing anymore.

It’s probably worth mentioning that the first game of the Windows Touhou Games, The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, came out on August 11th, 2002.

So, yeah, I’m not pulling the date out of my ass or anything.

There will be more blog posts talking about weird stuff as soon as I can get the dictation working so I can write the stuff while I do other things like COOKING or LIVING.

See you soon.

Day 2 & 3 (Of 31)

Keeping things interesting, two for one!

In case you haven’t noticed, this Month’s activity is somehow related to Rin Kaenbyou, and some experiments in alternate costumes.

Will there be 31 Rins? Or will there be other Touhou characters?

Day 1: Rin (alpha)

The March Experiment Continues.

Day One (Of 31)

This post is brought to you by the month of March.

So, we have ART, for DAY ONE (of 31).

Also, Livestream: Part 1, Part 2.

These are the images (Or at least the ones I can show you now) that I’ve done in 2012 so far.


I expect there will be more Katawa Shoujos in my fanarts in the future. And more Touhous. But first there’s a comic I have to SPEW, and some science to do. TOO BUSY FOR LIFE.