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The Importance of Disney’s “Paperman”

It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it?

I’ve just been busy, that’s all.

I’ve been meaning to write about this subject for quite some time, ever since I saw “Wreck-it Ralph” at the theaters.

However, at the same time I had no way of truly knowing how to properly express my feelings and opinions on this Disney Masterpiece.

I’m not talking about “Wreck-it Ralph”, which is an amazing movie in its own right.

I’m talking about the 6-minute short that precedes that film, “Paperman”.

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Inception: A Review

Finally saw Inception last Friday, thanks to the way movies are distributed in Mexico. But that means nothing, because Inception is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Ever.

Here’s why.

I have been talking a lot about this movie recently. With friends, pals, random people in the net. There’s a general consensus that this movie is indeed very good, and only one person had a dissenting opinion, arguing that he did not like it that much because he didn’t find it “revolutionary”.

Well, he’s right. This movie doesn’t introduce any new concepts that have never, ever been used before in any media.

It does, however, work with those concepts to create a straightforward, rich narrative that captures the audiences imagination and never lets go in the 5 hours this film lasts.

Yes, this film bends time as you watch it. And that’s part of its magic: While other movies with great execution, like James Cameron’s Avatar, make perfect use of their storytelling resources to weave the same old tale with almost no flaws whatsoever, other masterfully executed movies also choose to do something more.  What Inception does extra is, it plays with the audience. The movie conspires, whispers, and acts in coordination with the viewer. You let your guard down, and BAM! You’re immersed, and you can’t escape until it actually lets you.

Director Chris Nolan is not afraid of pushing the story forward by any means, giving the proper spotlight to each character, all the while playing at/along/with the audience, creating small incoherences and then throwing them aside for the sake of storytelling. The man is subtle, firm and explosive, all at once. He caresses your eyes with bullets made of explosive razors, and you love every minute of it.

The cast is made of some of the most synergistic characters I’ve ever seen on a film. Each one serves its purpose, and they all get enough time to shine properly. Add the super performance of the actors, and you get “memorableness” all around: Not a single character wasted, not a single moment of “I wish that character didn’t appear on the scene”.

The soundtrack… It’s Hans Zimmer. Hans Zimmer always delivers.

In sum, Inception is a combination of super storytelling, great characters and acting, and another brilliant score. All those elements are so good that you almost forget that the visual effects are in-fucking-credible. They become simple cherries, atop of a cake made of pure, unadulterated awesome.

My recommendation to you is this: Watch it. Now. With this movie, you can, and will have your cake, and eat it too, no matter what anyone says about it.