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State of the Site: Times are Troubling

Boy, have I been busy lately.

Or rather, I haven’t set up some time to write stuff.

Also, haven’t bothered to post a couple of posts about anime and stuff, mostly because I’ve been wanting to post them using nice pictures just to give a visual aid to what I write.

But that takes time.

Time that I use for: Art.

Have you seen my deviantArt? There’s some new art there.


It’s also time I use for: My friends.

If I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t have friends.

And that includes playing Vampire the Masquerade and Left 4 Dead, because that’s one of my Friends Activities.


Time I use for School.

Because it is important.

Also, time for Research.

I believe I should’ve mentioned this before, but I am a bit of a scientist.

As in, a real scientist.

Ok, not that real, as I am a computer scientist.

Not as much of a scientist as, say, a Physicist.

But I am scientist enough to warrant dedicating time to Research.

This semester is a bitch, and I’ve written a lot, just haven’t posted it.

I probably will post a lot of stuff soon, though, so…


Ah! I should probably mention I lost all the original SWF files for Punto Ciego, including work on the next chapter, and probably won’t be able to retrieve these files for quite a while. So, I’ve been slowly working up the courage towards starting that almost-finished chapter from start.

Now that I’ve done another 24 hour comic, which I will also publish soon, I’m feeling quite ready to jump into Hardcore Speed Comic Making. Which means I could probably get some PC comics out sooner than later…

As soon as the workload gets a bit easier on me.

Man, I’m sleepy…

It is 9/9, and thus it’s also ⑨/⑨, and CIRNODAY

Every year, on September 9th, the forces that be confabulate to bring us abundant Touhou fanarts, particularly Cirno fanarts.

The first time this was celebrated was the biggest: 09/09/09, A.K.A. ⑨/⑨/⑨, the Perfect Cirno Day.

And for that Momentous Moment, I conjured up something INTERESTING:


Wait… It’s not that interesting, is it? Mostly because it’s totally out of context. It was my first Touhou Project fanart, and wanted to try some stuff with the colors before I…



Metal Gear Solid is an awesome game series.

I still regret the copyright on the bottom right, though. It’s totally out of place.

Last year I was high on hype after watching a certain movie and re-reading for the upteenth time the original graphic novels.

So, Cirno Day was also very, very interesting.


Cirno’s Strongest Day!

Not my best work, but then again it was kinda rushed.

For this year, I’ve decided to jump the motherfucking gun and make a post about it before having done anything at all.

In other words: I have nothing. Yet.

Actually, it would be incorrect I have really nothing.

I have plans.

Fast, hard hitting plans.

Pop-culture plans.

This year I’m not making an image: I’m making a series of disposable images, with one good parody floating in the back until it’s unleashed at the proper time.

Of course, this takes effort, but I have the qualities that can make this work: I don’t sleep, am obsessed with keeping myself busy and might be a bit off-kilter, so it’s all good!

So, stay tuned! Throughout the rest of the day there *will* be more ARTPOSTS concerning this year’s CIRNODAY.


“La Rosa de Guadalupe”, or “How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the LULZ”

Mexican TV is awesome.

And by “Awesome” I mean TOTALLY EFFING WEIRD MAN.

Most of what you’ll find is “Telenovelas”, programs similar to Soap Operas that feature lots of drama. Most are serials in which a long-form story is told, usually through over-dramatic acting, ridiculous camera shots and mostly amateur acting that makes serious appreciators of the performing arts flinch in existential Lovecraftian horror.

There are other types, though, which feature individual stories. “La Rosa de Guadalupe” is one of them. Its basic premise is this: There’s a situation that is very dramatic. The situation evolves and becomes something that the people in the episode can’t seem to deal with; one of the characters offers a prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe, who in turn creates a miracle through a white rose, that manages to solve the entire situation.

Essentially it’s an entire “Telenovela” dedicated to the concept of the Deus Ex Machina, and as such, it’s incredibly HILARIOUS: Bad Acting + Bad Scripting + Bad Argument = LULZ, LULZ EVERYWHERE. Of course, every episode also ends up being a story about family values and ethics, but for most of us it’s more about the unintentional laughs than the very intentional lecturing.

So it comes as no surprise that when an episode deals with Otaku culture, some people in Mexico would get up in arms.

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This is one hell of a hot summer!

It's Summertime!

In all honesty, I don’t like summer.

It’s hot, and having to walk to school under the scorching sun ain’t anyone’s idea of a FUN SUMMER.

And yet one thing everyone can agree makes summer a special thing is how everyone seems to be wearing thinner, more revealing clothes.

Sometimes it’s not that good, but when it’s good it’s GREAT.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t change all the “Walking under the sun” part, which often gives me delirious ideas, like promoting a redesigned Elle (A.K.A. Penellope)  to’s Official Mascot Character, while making a slightly more risque drawing of her.

So, yeah, I don’t like summer.

But still, sometimes it can give you THE BEST ideas.

Brief Thoughts (II)


Currently sitting at the lab, reading about linear programming and trying to connect it with this half-baked constraint solver I have to re-bake into something useful (And potentially awesome).

I got my Google+ now.

It’s… different.

It’s like Facebook, minus all the things that make it Facebook.

In other words: Much better. Thank you, Google! Lots of love.

I want to do a drawing Livestream, with an Open Mic and everything. To that effect, if you wish to follow, check my Twitter account. Or if you know me on Facebook or Google+, I will announce it there as well.

Let’s have a jolly good time, folks.

Did some changes around the site.

Mostly Social Networking Stuffs.

It’s been considerably easier than I thought it’d be.

Which means I still have my legs intact, but my pinky hurts.

Currently experiencing some technical difficulties, of the “No Internet at Home” kind.

This is particularly annoying, to tell the truth.

So far, my hypothesis is this: The rain fucked it up, with its wetness and humidity.

It’s been so hot and desertly dry, it’s not even funny.

Yes, I know desertly is not a real word.

I just made it up, like a boss.

It’s all my fault in some way or another.

It all started in New Mexico. More specifically, in Las Cruces Anime Days, a small convention in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I went because I had nothing better to do, and needed pictures of trash bins to compare with the other pictures of trash bins I’ve taken in Mexican cons. The biggest surprise was the schedule: A Touhou Project Panel? A brief introduction? Let’s see what they had to say…

Mmmmmh. Nothing.

Seriously, for an introduction, it lacked… Impact.

It lacked emotion.

It lacked PASSION.

That’s when I thought, “Maybe I could do better”.

And then, “I have to do better”.

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The Juarez Otaku Problem? It’s All Shit

I’d been planning this post since November, but had no idea how I was going to deal with the subject. It’s about OTAKU, and my city, CIUDAD JUAREZ. It’s complicated, but I was missing a crucial component, one element that would show how FULL OF SHIT things are here.

I found it in December.

But before dwelling in how a little trip gave me the tools needed to make this evil, mean and decidedly poignant post, it’s


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