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So much to do, so little time…!

Tittle says it all.

Usually, thinks are calm down the base: Not much to do, just upgrade things here and there, fix other things, deal with the¬†occasional¬†troublemaker. But sometimes, people ask you to solve bigger problems. And that’s when things start getting messy: You have to manage the usual Fixing, Upgrading and Pest-riddance in conjunction with Bigger Problem Solving. And when the Bigger Problem comes in the form of Even Bigger Problems, you know you’re bound to get your hands full of oil, blood and sooth.

So, that’s the situation here at the base. I ain’t Fixing, Upgrading and Pest-ridding as much these days because I’m working on some Even Bigger Problems, but as soon as those are sorted out I will go back to the usual.

I predict a post in the future.

A post about Anime.

In fact, it’s about a specific anime title that I liked, despite its flaws and controversy.

It ain’t no secret series or anything: It’s Angel Beats!.

The post is already half-done, but it’s a goddamn mess and I can’t clean it because those damn spies keep sappin’ my sentries.

brb teleporter comin’ up