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Day One (Of 31)

This post is brought to you by the month of March.

So, we have ART, for DAY ONE (of 31).

Also, Livestream: Part 1, Part 2.

These are the images (Or at least the ones I can show you now) that I’ve done in 2012 so far.


I expect there will be more Katawa Shoujos in my fanarts in the future. And more Touhous. But first there’s a comic I have to SPEW, and some science to do. TOO BUSY FOR LIFE.

It is 9/9, and thus it’s also ⑨/⑨, and CIRNODAY

Every year, on September 9th, the forces that be confabulate to bring us abundant Touhou fanarts, particularly Cirno fanarts.

The first time this was celebrated was the biggest: 09/09/09, A.K.A. ⑨/⑨/⑨, the Perfect Cirno Day.

And for that Momentous Moment, I conjured up something INTERESTING:


Wait… It’s not that interesting, is it? Mostly because it’s totally out of context. It was my first Touhou Project fanart, and wanted to try some stuff with the colors before I…



Metal Gear Solid is an awesome game series.

I still regret the copyright on the bottom right, though. It’s totally out of place.

Last year I was high on hype after watching a certain movie and re-reading for the upteenth time the original graphic novels.

So, Cirno Day was also very, very interesting.


Cirno’s Strongest Day!

Not my best work, but then again it was kinda rushed.

For this year, I’ve decided to jump the motherfucking gun and make a post about it before having done anything at all.

In other words: I have nothing. Yet.

Actually, it would be incorrect I have really nothing.

I have plans.

Fast, hard hitting plans.

Pop-culture plans.

This year I’m not making an image: I’m making a series of disposable images, with one good parody floating in the back until it’s unleashed at the proper time.

Of course, this takes effort, but I have the qualities that can make this work: I don’t sleep, am obsessed with keeping myself busy and might be a bit off-kilter, so it’s all good!

So, stay tuned! Throughout the rest of the day there *will* be more ARTPOSTS concerning this year’s CIRNODAY.


Weekly Video Throw-down I

I tend to find A LOT of videos on the Interwebs. These are some of them.

La Rosa de Guadalupe – Cosplay: Salvemos el Mundo

So, a national TV station in Mexico has this program called “Rosa de Guadalupe”, which dramatizes… Essentially everything. They’ve tackled social issues like drug addiction, rape, emo culture and getting run over by cars.

This time, they’re tackling COSPLAY. What you see up there is the preview, the full episode ain’t coming out until… Later today, apparently!

(Dumb) Mexican Otaku are up in arms due to this “offensive” portrayal, not realizing that by complaining as vocally (Or as the Internet would call it, CAPSLOCK-LY) they ain’t doing anything to make the Mexican Otaku NOT look like a bunch of immature bonkheads.

Obviously, I will be watching this, laughing my ass off.

Most rational, mature people are doing the opposite: Instead of complaining, we’re embracing the absurd, making it ours. There’s fanart, and remix videos, and comics that ridicule and criticize both the preview and the people who can’t seem to shut up about it.

Personally, I think that the Show is so absurd it will fly under everyone’s radar and it will come and pass without any relevance… Except for Those Damn Mexican Otaku.

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It’s all my fault in some way or another.

It all started in New Mexico. More specifically, in Las Cruces Anime Days, a small convention in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I went because I had nothing better to do, and needed pictures of trash bins to compare with the other pictures of trash bins I’ve taken in Mexican cons. The biggest surprise was the schedule: A Touhou Project Panel? A brief introduction? Let’s see what they had to say…

Mmmmmh. Nothing.

Seriously, for an introduction, it lacked… Impact.

It lacked emotion.

It lacked PASSION.

That’s when I thought, “Maybe I could do better”.

And then, “I have to do better”.

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