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“La Rosa de Guadalupe”, or “How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the LULZ”

Mexican TV is awesome.

And by “Awesome” I mean TOTALLY EFFING WEIRD MAN.

Most of what you’ll find is “Telenovelas”, programs similar to Soap Operas that feature lots of drama. Most are serials in which a long-form story is told, usually through over-dramatic acting, ridiculous camera shots and mostly amateur acting that makes serious appreciators of the performing arts flinch in existential Lovecraftian horror.

There are other types, though, which feature individual stories. “La Rosa de Guadalupe” is one of them. Its basic premise is this: There’s a situation that is very dramatic. The situation evolves and becomes something that the people in the episode can’t seem to deal with; one of the characters offers a prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe, who in turn creates a miracle through a white rose, that manages to solve the entire situation.

Essentially it’s an entire “Telenovela” dedicated to the concept of the Deus Ex Machina, and as such, it’s incredibly HILARIOUS: Bad Acting + Bad Scripting + Bad Argument = LULZ, LULZ EVERYWHERE. Of course, every episode also ends up being a story about family values and ethics, but for most of us it’s more about the unintentional laughs than the very intentional lecturing.

So it comes as no surprise that when an episode deals with Otaku culture, some people in Mexico would get up in arms.

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Weekly Video Throw-down I

I tend to find A LOT of videos on the Interwebs. These are some of them.

La Rosa de Guadalupe – Cosplay: Salvemos el Mundo

So, a national TV station in Mexico has this program called “Rosa de Guadalupe”, which dramatizes… Essentially everything. They’ve tackled social issues like drug addiction, rape, emo culture and getting run over by cars.

This time, they’re tackling COSPLAY. What you see up there is the preview, the full episode ain’t coming out until… Later today, apparently!

(Dumb) Mexican Otaku are up in arms due to this “offensive” portrayal, not realizing that by complaining as vocally (Or as the Internet would call it, CAPSLOCK-LY) they ain’t doing anything to make the Mexican Otaku NOT look like a bunch of immature bonkheads.

Obviously, I will be watching this, laughing my ass off.

Most rational, mature people are doing the opposite: Instead of complaining, we’re embracing the absurd, making it ours. There’s fanart, and remix videos, and comics that ridicule and criticize both the preview and the people who can’t seem to shut up about it.

Personally, I think that the Show is so absurd it will fly under everyone’s radar and it will come and pass without any relevance… Except for Those Damn Mexican Otaku.

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