The Katawa Shoujo Review That Was Never Meant to Be

I had planned to start the New Year by making a big-ass blog post.

Big. Enough.

And as soon as I found out that Katawa Shoujo was to be released on the 4th, I said “Great! I can start the year by reviewing the game!”

So I start playing the game.

And after a day, I realize one thing: This review is not gonna happen, at least not the way I envisioned.

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Day of the Dead

My favorite Mexican holiday is this day, November 2nd, the Day of the Dead.

Why? Aren’t there better holidays, like Independence Day? Or Revolution Day? Or Work day!?

And to that I answer: No.

Independence? From what? Spain? 200 years later and we’re still chained to our preconceptions, our drama, our self-indulging tragedies, our blaming. We’re  not free.

Revolution? From what? Nothing has changed. We’re still governed by the same rules, ideas and beliefs than we did 100 years ago.

They Day of the Dead, though, is probably the only Holiday that has survived, despite date changes, Catholicism and horrible governments, for thousands of years.

And it’s always been far more productive, inspiring and delicious than all the others.

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State of the Site: Times are Troubling

Boy, have I been busy lately.

Or rather, I haven’t set up some time to write stuff.

Also, haven’t bothered to post a couple of posts about anime and stuff, mostly because I’ve been wanting to post them using nice pictures just to give a visual aid to what I write.

But that takes time.

Time that I use for: Art.

Have you seen my deviantArt? There’s some new art there.


It’s also time I use for: My friends.

If I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t have friends.

And that includes playing Vampire the Masquerade and Left 4 Dead, because that’s one of my Friends Activities.


Time I use for School.

Because it is important.

Also, time for Research.

I believe I should’ve mentioned this before, but I am a bit of a scientist.

As in, a real scientist.

Ok, not that real, as I am a computer scientist.

Not as much of a scientist as, say, a Physicist.

But I am scientist enough to warrant dedicating time to Research.

This semester is a bitch, and I’ve written a lot, just haven’t posted it.

I probably will post a lot of stuff soon, though, so…


Ah! I should probably mention I lost all the original SWF files for Punto Ciego, including work on the next chapter, and probably won’t be able to retrieve these files for quite a while. So, I’ve been slowly working up the courage towards starting that almost-finished chapter from start.

Now that I’ve done another 24 hour comic, which I will also publish soon, I’m feeling quite ready to jump into Hardcore Speed Comic Making. Which means I could probably get some PC comics out sooner than later…

As soon as the workload gets a bit easier on me.

Man, I’m sleepy…

It is 9/9, and thus it’s also ⑨/⑨, and CIRNODAY

Every year, on September 9th, the forces that be confabulate to bring us abundant Touhou fanarts, particularly Cirno fanarts.

The first time this was celebrated was the biggest: 09/09/09, A.K.A. ⑨/⑨/⑨, the Perfect Cirno Day.

And for that Momentous Moment, I conjured up something INTERESTING:


Wait… It’s not that interesting, is it? Mostly because it’s totally out of context. It was my first Touhou Project fanart, and wanted to try some stuff with the colors before I…



Metal Gear Solid is an awesome game series.

I still regret the copyright on the bottom right, though. It’s totally out of place.

Last year I was high on hype after watching a certain movie and re-reading for the upteenth time the original graphic novels.

So, Cirno Day was also very, very interesting.


Cirno’s Strongest Day!

Not my best work, but then again it was kinda rushed.

For this year, I’ve decided to jump the motherfucking gun and make a post about it before having done anything at all.

In other words: I have nothing. Yet.

Actually, it would be incorrect I have really nothing.

I have plans.

Fast, hard hitting plans.

Pop-culture plans.

This year I’m not making an image: I’m making a series of disposable images, with one good parody floating in the back until it’s unleashed at the proper time.

Of course, this takes effort, but I have the qualities that can make this work: I don’t sleep, am obsessed with keeping myself busy and might be a bit off-kilter, so it’s all good!

So, stay tuned! Throughout the rest of the day there *will* be more ARTPOSTS concerning this year’s CIRNODAY.