A collection of stories about a group of people who share some hobbies, meals and time together.

Like most things in life, most of the time stuff seems to revolve around one person in the group: Alva, a self-reliant, somewhat antisocial girl who lives in the big city with her room mates: Mercedes, A.K.A. Meche, the Gastronomy student; and Julia, the mysterious landlady. Somehow she got romantically involved with Greg, who is studying journalism, even though he doesn’t seem too motivated to actually get a degree. Everyone also seems to forget about Greg’s pal, Armando, who is also Julia’s boyfriend and appears to be angry all the time.

“Punto Ciego” translates as “Blind Spot” or “Blind Point”. In the eye, the Blind Spot is the place in the eye where the optic nerve connects the eyeball and the brain, and as such there are no light receptors there. The brain fills up the missing details in our vision. The “Blind Spot” is also the places surrounding a moving vehicle in which the driver cannot possibly perceive the cars that go behind and besides his own, unless he turns his head to look at that spot specifically.