Slightly Antisocial  Artistic Freak

Alva was almost 18 years old when she broke up her relationship with her parents and her past, and started living on her own. She moved to the Big City in order to study Art, but certain circumstances led her to abandon her studies and try to make it on her own; now she does freelancing graphic design for a select number of well-paying clients. Along with her roommates Meche and Julia, they publish a bi-annual Yaoi homoerotic comic at certain Conventions and Events. She’s the Artist of the group.

She’s prone to taking sudden decisions without consulting others, and can be quite pushy. When she wants something, anything, she’ll do whatever it takes to get it. She’s been described as aloof, which is partly true: When she has something really important to think about, it occupies all her thoughts and nothing else. Sometimes this makes her seem obsessive, which is almost right: She focuses too much on things, but she also knows how to keep herself under control… most of the time.

She wanted to avoid relationships for the foreseeable future, but somehow ended up getting romantically involved with Greg, which also led her to become sexually and intellectually involved with him as well.


Noble Man with a Unjustifiably Soiled Reputation

Most people would call Greg a player. Girls love being with him, and guys hate him because girls love being with him. Good lucks, good personality, and fortune seems to favor him. The perfect man, right? Well, he’s all that, really, and then some: He’s the kind of guy who keeps to himself most of the time. Those whom he considers his friends, he confides in, but he’s otherwise a loner: He’s the kind of socialite that can talk about anything except himself.

He’s studying Journalism, as he likes to write about the things around him, but he doesn’t seem too inclined to finish getting the damn degree, despite being so close to doing it. His careless behavior at school, his unusual ability to attract all sorts of unwanted attention from girls, and his own isolation have eventually given rise to numerous rumors about him. Some say he sleeps with a different girl every day. Some say he drugs them. Some say he comes from a rich family that pays up the silence of the authorities and his victims. Some say he’s a sex addict who’d sleep with every good looking girl in the world if given the chance.

Of course none of this is true. He is not a saint, that’s for certain, but before being swept up by Alva, Greg’s only well-known sexual partners and escapades were only inside the rumor-mongers imaginations. His best friend, Armando, bears witness to this: He has seen the contradicting statements against his own observations, placing Greg in two different clubs seducing young innocent women, all the while he was in Armando’s apartment playing videogames. The funny part is, Greg doesn’t really give no fucks about those rumors.


The Girl with Ice and Madness in her Eyes

She’s the landlady for the house in which Alva and Meche also live, and it seems she’s only living there because of the girls and how well they get along with each other. She has an impulsive personality, living at her own pace.

She’s the main source of funding for the self-published indie comics that Meche writes and Alva draws. It’s certainly possible that she was the one that came up with the idea of making those comics.

She has a mother and a sister, with whom she doesn’t seem to get along much, to the extent of avoiding them both for as long as she can. They live in a different city, so that’s, at least, one way to not seeing them for extended periods of time.

She’s Armando’s girlfriend. Their is a complex one: They’ve been going out for quite some time, and they often fight for the strangest reasons, but they also seem to work their issues out somehow.


The Innocent Cook with the Twisted Eye

Mercedes comes from a city in the south. The oldest of six, she was always the first in line to help her mother with cooking. Her family’s loud and strong personality contrasted with her bitter, loner behavior. Because, you see, she likes observing people. A lot. Making conjectures, imagining scenarios, replaying them in her head. Ever since she was young, she’s been doing this: Observing. Conjecturing. Learning.

Her love for fine cooking led her to study Gastronomy far away from home. She met Julia and Alva in the Big City, and they soon found that their common interests could somehow help them create something good, something perverted. Something that, perhaps, could calm her desire to observe people in more unusual behavior. So, she started writing: Homosexual romantic stories at first, then introducing more rebellious elements, more perversion. She couldn’t help it, and it terrified her. What would her partners in crime think of her? They never questioned her about it, which is why she’s forever thankful to them.

She had a crush on Greg, and was one of the main sources for unsavory rumors. Maybe she wanted all the dirty stuff to be real, maybe she wanted him to be a sexual degenerate. Maybe she just wanted to watch the world burn.

It never happened, though. He was a nice guy, a really nice guy. Now she’s trying to get over him and find the next kink that may excite her to write stories about it.


The Silent Watcher with the Angry Face

Greg’s friend and Julia’s boyfriend. He always knows more than he lets on, and likes to make complicated plans. For the most part, a serious guy who always seems to be angry. He’s studying literature, but works at a newspaper because it was a considerably simpler job than the other alternatives he had.

Nobody’s sure how he and Julia started dating, only that their occasionally tortuous relationship is also punctuated by periods of time in which at least one of the two vanishes from the world almost entirely.

A strange guy, but a good friend.