Well, this is how Punto Ciego truly begins.

And yes, Alva draws Yaoi, though she’s not necessarily obsessed with the subject. Rather, it’s one of the many things she does to afford rent each month. I’ll talk more about this at a later date.

The thing is, writing a character like this will inevitably alter you a bit, as you get into her mind. Those who read me on Twitter may have noticed the… Consequences. There are some comments that clearly show my mind has a new section dedicated exclusively to finding potential “Male x Male” pairings in anime, manga and comics. The toughest part is how fun it is. More on this later.

It took me a bit too long to get the comic out, as I still had to refine some details concerning the format; also, the process that turns the hand-drawn images into a flash comic is not as easy as it seems. I know enough Flash, I just need more practice. The comic is hand-drawn, scanned, digitally touched up (Wherever possible), and finally put in Flash and properly formatted. It took a couple of hard hours to do.

The first difference, at least in relation to Chapter 0, is that the comic has become 100% bilingual. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other comic like this, being published and translated by the author itself. If somebody knows of anyone who’s doing this, please let me know. I’d like to meet this person. :3