Wasn’t that fast? At least in comparison with previous updates.

Throughout most of Chapter 2 it was ONE update every TWO months.

And there was FOUR months with NO UPDATE between A-1 and A-2.

I apologize, I was getting the hang of  this Masters thing.

Nobody said higher education was a walk in the park.

Anyways, there’s a new comic, and new blogging at the Blog. Not much today, but there will be this week! I am going to Anime Expo and plan to write A LOT about that.

I will get back to work on A-4 as soon as I return from Los Angeles. After that comes A-5… And after that? Maybe B-1? Or 3-1? Haven’t decided yet. Should I make more stories about Alva’s roomies, or get back to Greg’s relationship problems?

Wait, are you saying there are no problems yet?

Who said there weren’t any to begin with?