Character design is difficult. The first character created for this comic was Alva.

She started out as a very stereotypical character: A shy, long haired artist whose bangs covered her yes, and so on and so on. It was a long list of highly stereotypical qualities. I immediately notice something was not right: I needed something else to make the character more memorable. After much consideration, I saw what was missing: personality.

That’s when I decided to contamminate her personality. I gave her a more rude, defiant look in her eyes. She went from “Shy artist who finds herself in an unexpected situation” (Yawn!) to “A weird artist whose looks can be deceiving and is hard to deal with”. She became even more antisocial, but that’s OK: She became a more interesting character. She became something I could write and have fun with.

However, her appearance wasn’t that convincing. She wasn’t so isolated from the world anymore, despite being quite antisocial. I had to find a way for her appearance to represent these conflicting aspects of her personality. While developing her backstory, there was a moment in which I realized she had to do something about her appearance, and it all came naturally: The hair locks that covered the left side of her face had to go. At that moment, Alva as we now know her, was born.

As the story pgoresses, it’s probably I will tell you more about Alva and the rest of the cast. To whet your appetite, here’s Alva’s Mini-Bio:

Age: 20-something
Height: 150 centimeters or so, give or take
Educatiion: University, Incomplete (Left it)
Profession: Freelancer
Born in a medium-high class family. She never had a good relationship with her parents. She herself describes it as “A mess” (With her father) and “Barely adequate” (With her mother). She has a younger brother with whom she has a more stable sibling relationship, even if she barely ever sees him these days.
She ran away from home one year before finishing high school, even though she kept assisting to the same High School. After graduating from there, she left her hometown to study at a University in a different city. That’s where she met Meche and Julia.
She left the university one year before meeting Greg. The circumstances surrounding she quitting University are veiled in rumors and mystery. Alva preferes not to talk about it.
Since she left University, she’s been working as a Freelance Artist. Thanks to an arrangement she made with Julia (Who apparently owns the house where the three girls live), her rent ended up being considerably lower, although she still has to buy food and art supplies.
Her favorite colors are Magenta and Red. Her favorite animal is the dog (“Prefereably big, but not so playful”). Loves to eat pretty much anything.