Last week I talked about the creation process behind Alva. This week, we’ll talk some more about it, and about how these decisions affect the script.

Alva came up as an idealized character, but as her background materialized, she began getting more and more personality. She acquired defects, issues, but most of all, plenty of insecurities and fears.

Today’s fragment of the story came up while the script was being written. When the first draft of the comic’s entire story was made, these kind of details was never included; once the character had more development, though, these scenes came out naturally. of course, it’s highly likely that, through the development of each script and the characters, the story is forced to change as the characters themselves change, and in the end that first draft may end up being completely different from the completed story. I don’t mind: It’s part of what makes the process of making this story interesting.

Next update may come next week. Hopefully. Unless I’m attacked by werewolves.