Back when I decided to publish Punto Ciego as a webcomic, I was hesitant as to how to introduce the storyline. I knew I wanted it to be in Spanish, and maybe English, so I chose to draw some first pages, by hand. I did not know how to do this, until I received some helpful advice: “Show the characters doing something from their everyday life”.

That’s how the concept behind Chapter 0 was born.

This page was originally published in my old Blogger site, on 1/13/09 5:37 PM, MST. It was also entirely in Spanish, and although I did make an English version, I gave up on translating all the pages by the 4th one.

These days I’ve become more proficient at making this kind of thing work right, so I’ve decided to make Good Ol’ Comic Pages out of these old ones. The Right Size, too: The originals are letter-size, low-res, and no good, so I’m applying all my knowledge into re-assembling these pages under the new dimensions and a 300dpi resolution without them looking like complete shit. The end result is merely satisfactory, and it will have to do.

What comes after this?

Well, I’m thinking of repeating this with the other 3 Chapters made in Flash…

While working on the newer comic pages too.

And my other works. And school. And stuff.

Nobody said being ambitious was easy.

More comments on Chapter 0, soon.